Our vision is to link every patient and their diagnosis with treatment success,

in the most efficient way possible.



At EBM Analytics, we're committed to driving changes in practice through our expert range of services and solutions.

Since our inception in 2016, we've helped numerous local and international clients:

  • Set up research programs

  • Establish clinical registries

  • Conduct clinical research studies 

  • Analyse data and report on their findings in various conferences and journals 

We've also helped train staff and students in research practices, and assisted in forming collaborative networks across multidisciplinary teams.

The end goal is the same for everyone we work with - to generate quality evidence that helps us understand and deliver the best care for each patient.

You can view the network of our output by interacting with the map below - zoom in to take a closer look at the elements, click on an element to read more about it, and hover over an element to view its sub-network. You can also filter by elements on the bottom right, by selecting or deselecting the labels.


In order to deliver the best services to our clients, EBM Analytics ensures the safe storage and management of health information and patient data. 


Our engineers are specialised in data integration from practice management software and on-premises environments within public and private hospitals and practices to a cloud environment. We have signed a HIPAA Business Associate Addendum (BAA) with our cloud provider to ensure that Protected Health Information (PHI) is appropriately managed. All EBM Analytics systems require 2-step verification to access, and we retain the ability to wipe all data from any company linked devices (including personal devices with access to the EBM Analytics environment) in the event of theft or loss. Additionally, access to data is controlled to ensure that only those with granted permissions are able to view or retrieve it.

Our research officers and consultants are dedicated to good clinical practice, and any advice or guidance provided by them is delivered within the code of practice and framework of the following documents:

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