Uncover evidence-based insights into the clinical performance of your practice, medical device or hardware, and drive measurable changes that make an impact.

At EBM Analytics, we're dedicated to streamlining statistical methods and auditing processes, so that you're equipped with the best quality reporting tools and database metrics to showcase your clinic or device, identify successes, and deal with issues affecting clinical performance, service delivery or patient engagement.


Database Level

Access database metrics and monitor the engagement and compliance of patients through customised reporting dashboards. We strive to achieve 100% registry completeness - ensuring registry capture of all eligible patients, as well as 100% registry consistency - ensuring all patients have been correctly classified. We also internally validate the data to minimise transcription and data entry errors.


Group level

Analyse consecutive cohorts of patients to benchmark internally and externally against validated literature. We aim for 100% cohort completeness to ensure you have a full dataset for every patient, enabling you to compare cohorts against published findings and identify areas for clinical improvements by product line, disease group or procedure.


Patient level

Our analytics team can assist you with direct evaluation of individual patient outcome scores using minimal clinically important difference (MCID) and patient acceptable symptom state (PASS) reporting on a patient level, in addition to per patient costing analyses. 

The EBM Analytics difference

Improved registry capture rates

Increased patient involvement

Improved registry quality

Reportable and actionable insights