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Uncover evidence-based insights into the clinical performance of your practice, medical device or hardware, and drive measurable changes that make an impact.

Our focus is providing the highest quality data and insights linked to the latest published knowledge to the decision makers within your health service.

Patient Outcomes

Gather insights about patient-reported outcome measures, hospital length of stay, readmissions, complications, adverse events and other clinically relevant outcomes data. 

Hardware Tracking

Gather insights about the performance of a specific device or implant, as part of the outcomes monitoring process. 

Registry Analytics

Access database metrics and monitor the engagement and compliance of patients through customised reporting dashboards. 

Regulatory Reporting

We can audit your existing database and provide reports for local, national or international regulatory bodies.

The EBM Analytics difference

Improved registry capture rates

Increased patient involvement

Improved registry quality

Reportable and actionable insights

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