Outcomes Monitoring

We take care of the process, so you can focus on your patients.

From the first clinic visit through to the last follow-up, EBM Analytics can help you classify your patients, record and store their outcome measures, and maintain a high-quality clinical database.

Data Capture and Storage

We specialise in clinical database installation and hosting, and can integrate data access from patient management software, electronic medical records and picture archiving and communication systems. Our team help you establish an evidence-based dataset, and ensure that the processes are tailored to your specific clinical procedures, hardware and devices.

End-to-End Pipelines


We know that clinical registries are more than just a database or piece of software. That's why we offer end-to-end services that are designed to take the load off you and your clinical team. Our experienced consultants can help you through all stages of the outcomes monitoring life cycle, from scoping and strategic planning through to the implementation of data collection procedures, backed by on-call assistance for real-time support.

Quality Assurance and Control


Having the systems in place to monitor patient outcomes is only half the solution. Ensuring that your data is of high quality to derive meaningful insights is a bigger challenge. Our team provides regular reports to assist your staff identify what outcomes to collect from which patients, rectify data entry errors, and minimise patients lost to follow-up. We also provide quarterly snapshots of the registry quality and implement modifications required to accommodate changes to your workflow, so that your registry evolves with your practice and interests.

With high quality data, the possibilities are endless.

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