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We have dedicated science, engineering and data support experts to guide you with all aspects of project planning, execution and delivery.

Strategic Planning

We've helped local clinics, hospital departments and industry suppliers establish a foundation for examining innovative interventions and optimising treatment strategies.


By scoping your current environment, network of stakeholders, and access points for data collection and integration, we can deliver a roadmap of strategies, workflows, milestones and key performance metrics to achieve your vision and mission.

Solution Design

Our clients have approached us with a number of clinical problems - they're faced with evidence guidelines that are not specific to their practice, limited guidance to monitor clinical performance, ineffective models to monitor device outcomes, and an inability to access patient information with ease.

We work with them to understand their context, before delivering customisable and scalable end-to-end solutions.

Viability and Risk Assessment

Clinical investigations are an investment of your time and resources, and we want to ensure that your investment is well-aligned. That's why we offer a 3-part report to:

1. Check if there is a gap in knowledge that your clinical study can address

2. Verify that your proposed methods can be adequately resourced

3. Provide a plan of action with full management and financial transparency

Clinical Research

We have over 20 years of collective research experience in evidence-based medicine, and can assist you in navigating ethical frameworks, recruitment processes, data collection and management procedures, and report on your findings. We make sure your study is designed to answer the question you're asking, and that your findings are shared with the right audiences.


Medical Writing


Getting published is a lengthy and time-consuming process, and we're familiar with the mechanics of driving a manuscript through the peer-review system. With over 50 publications authored by our team collectively, we can help you handle the drafting, submission and review processes with ease.

Need a service that's not listed above? We can still help! 

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