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Healthcare Providers

Measuring health outcomes and deriving actionable insights are vital to value-based healthcare, as they help inform future clinical practices, models of care and expenditure. 

Collect outcome measures

We help establish workflows to capture patient-reported outcomes that are optimised to the interests of our clinical partners and minimise the footprint on their clinical practices. 

Scientific rationale development and planning

Identify cohorts of interest and clinical questions

Establish minimum datasets derived from literature evidence

Systems setup


Configure software and systems

Establish auditing framework and processes

Apply for ethical clearance and establish governance framework

Real world testing

Provide standard operating procedures and staff training

Start collecting patient outcomes!

Report clinical findings

Whether it's a standalone research idea or existing patient data in a registry database, we assist our healthcare partners to design and conduct studies that are statistically powered and adequately resourced to answer clinical questions, with findings shared in peer-reviewed manuscripts and local or international conferences.

Research idea

Study design, conduct and management

Research output

Clinical registry

Establish benchmarks

Alongside your quality-controlled registry database, we can perform national registry data requests and surgical audits to assess the performance of your cohorts, report on your outcomes in accordance with guidelines provided by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and gain valuable insights into factors affecting patient outcomes. 

External report

Clinical findings

Improved individual practice

Improved patient care

The EBM Analytics difference

Fully customised workflows

Red​uced administrative burden 

Optimised patient interaction time

Quicker output turnaround

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