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2018: A year in review

Twenty eighteen was a year of many firsts for EBMA, involving everything from 3D scanners through to harvesting and scanning kangaroo limbs. We're a small but connected team, and in between GIF wars and chess games under the guise of team building activities, we strive to pool our expertise and strengths together to produce high quality work to answer some of the most challenging questions in orthopaedics. 

Our team of consultants kept the momentum going Australia-wide and internationally with almost 20 trips scheduled throughout the year- that's about once every fortnight (read: a lot) for a company that primarily operates remotely. Our projects team were busy planning studies, collecting data, analysing images and preparing manuscripts for our clinical partners, while the custodian team clocked over 1500 hours in providing assistance with data entry and quality control for our clients' research registries. The engineering team kept the R&D moving with a variety of bots, sensors, image processing pipelines and machine learning algorithms, and our commitment to student engagement brought on four new positions this year. 

Of course, we wouldn't be an analytics company without some statistics of our own, so here is a snapshot of all the EBMA activity over the past year:

As the year draws to an end, it brings on a frenzy to tick off the last items on our to-do lists. With a number of projects ramping up next year and some exciting new proposals underway, 2019 promises to bring more questions, challenges and quality research for EBMA.

On behalf of our team, we wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to staying in touch next year!

EBM Analytics end of year lunch celebration


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