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Retrospective: EBMA presents at the MATLAB Conference 2018

One of the greatest challenges to the conduct of high-impact research in clinical practice is the control of data quality. Ensuring the data collected is of adequate quality in real-time is labour intensive, expensive and not generally reported transparently during the process of generating and sharing data via publications. If the overall quality of clinical research is to be improved, this needs to change.

On the 15th of May 2018, Corey Scholes and Milad Ebrahimi from EBM Analytics presented their audit process developed using MATLAB to enhance the efficiency of data quality control in the orthopedic/sports medicine area at the MathWorks MATLAB conference. This presentation was intended to serve as a catalyst for discussion amongst advanced MATLAB users, and ultimately lead to Mathworks assisting EBMA with implementing a more efficient and scaleable audit framework, with the flexibility to expand automation of processes in the future.

This serves as a prime example of the value of wider community engagement across the scientific and technical sectors. 

Click here to watch the presentation in full via the MathWorks website. 


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