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Research Training

At EBM Analytics, we are always thinking about the future. That's why we provide opportunities for aspiring researchers, clinicians and healthcare providers early in their career pathway, training them to ask the right questions and employ the best methods to solve problems that offer the greatest improvements to patient care. 

Allied Health Professionals

Successful research is driven by multidisciplinary teams, and over the years we’ve coordinated studies with radiographers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses, guiding them through data retrieval and analysis, results interpretation and helping them share their findings through manuscripts and conferences. 

Medical House Officers

Practical experience is one of the most effective learning methods, which is why medical programs always contain a research component. We assist our clinical partners tailor research projects to the time constraints and program requirements of students and junior doctors under their supervision, and help provide coaching and supervision assistance as required. This ensures that the students receive a rich learning experience, while the research activity remains aligned with the interests of our clinical partners.  


The students of today will solve the problems of tomorrow, which is why we're committed to offering budding scientists and engineers opportunities to solve real clinical problems and develop hands-on experience. 

Find out more about some of our collaborative projects on the blog.

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